With the imminent re-release of Nintendo’s first HD remaster, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, I found myself contemplating what other games could do with an upgrade from their native Gamecube to Ninty’s Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo’s decision to release an HD remaster will result in other GC gems following suit, and these are just a few of those games that deserve that same special treatment.


Metal Gear Solid – The Twin Snakes. 

Due to the Nintendo Gamecube’s lack of popularity in the face of the Playstation 2, many Gamers unfortunately missed out on this MGS1 revamp, instead focusing on the PS2’s MGS2 and 3. MGS:TTS was so overlooked you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s stock was hiding under a cardboard box. It’s unfortunate that MGS:TS did sneak under the radar as it is one of the strongest entries in the Metal Gear series. It brought the undoubtedly best entry in the franchise, MGS1, but with the updated mechanics of the it’s sequel.

Visually, the game doesn’t hold up against some of the gorgeous graphics we’ve seen from later MGS installments, but it is on par with MGS2 which has seen a HD re-release itself recently.

Due to the game’s initial obscurity, acquiring a second-hand copy is both a difficult and costly mission. Remastering the game for Wii U would not only refine the GC original but would give a whole birth of stealth enthusiasts the opportunity to play it for the first time.

Provided you overlook some of the questionable cutscenes, a remaster is essential as the game is one of Solid Snake’s best.. Although, to be honest, who wouldn’t want to see Snake somersault off a flying missile in full HD?…


Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess. 

Sure, we’re already receiving a Zelda rerelease but Twilight Princess is just as worthy a candidate for an update as Wind Waker.

TP released at the end of the GC’s life, it’s port becoming a launch release for the Wii. For a two generation old game, TP still looks great. It’s dark grungy style was a departure from the usually bright and colourful series and allowed for some melanoid graphic styles.

Some readers may disagree with TP’s inclusion, especially with it already appearing on the previous two consoles, however, the motion controls used in the Wii release of TP were somewhat of an afterthought and resulted in the gameplay being a little clunky and haphazard, making the GC version the ideal playing experience for the game. The original release, however, is now extremely rare and sought after, so releasing a HD remaster for the Wii U would give fans the opportunity to play it again in the way it was originally intended, without the motion controls. TP certainly wouldn’t require the same amount of remodelling as Wind Waker is receiving, meaning that the game could be sold cheaper than a standard new release and be brought out quickly.

There may be two other Zelda titles already confirmed for the Wii U but we can never have too many of Link’s adventures.


Super Mario Sunshine

Mario was somewhat outshone on the Gamecube by his leaner, greener brother, Luigi. Don’t let that deny the fact that Super Mario Sunshine was still a stellar game that was more than worth the wait following the plumber’s lack of a launch day appearance for the system.

The games setting, Isle Delfino, was a departure from Super Mario 64’s Mushroom Kingdom, but also allowed Nintendo to showcase the Gamecube’s graphical prowess. Isle Delfino was a sun drenched, vibrant island paradise that could look all the more radiant given an HD upgrade. SMS was also the first occasion that Nintendo had featured fully fleshed out cutscenes for a Mario game which allowed the characters to be portrayed in far greater detail than ever before. The character models still look impressive by today’s standards and could make the transition to this generation very easily. The tight controls and well designed overworlds of Mario platformers help them age exceptionally well, and SMS is no exception, further demonstrating that seeing the GC tittle re-released on the Wii U would not seem out of place in the slightest. After all, a bit of Sunshine could help brighten the Wii U’s current gloomy and uncertain future.


F Zero GX

Nintendo’s adrenaline pumping racer was one of their most prominent franchises back in the GC’s days, but as of late, Captain Falcon and co. have fallen by the wayside, reduced to appearances as Nintendo Land mini games or collectible trophies in Animal Crossing. The Wii never received an instalment in the franchise, and until proven wrong, it looks increasingly unlikely that we’ll see one for the Wii U. The FZ style anti-gravity segments in the upcoming Mario Kart seem to also suggest that FZ doesn’t feature in Nintendo’s short-term plans, therefore a remaster of GX will give fans of the series a chance to play the high octane racer in a fresh new way.

You would be forgiven for thinking that FZ’s visuals don’t require any improvements, after all, the gameplay is so riveting, the scenery is the last thing you look at, and staring at them will cause you to Falcon hurl! It would be true to say that FZ on the SNES and N64 didn’t put a high amount of effort into the games detail, and instead focused on the mechanics, but with the jump in hardware onto the GC, FZGX looked better than ever, with the Ultramodern Circuits looking otherworldly and to a level of detail not previously attempted within the series. Racing around tracks such as Mute City, which looked stunning on the GC, in full 1080p is a thought that would get any speed freak excited.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Remake

What a Remake did for RE1 was astounding. It took a five year old survival horror classic with ageing visuals and turned it into a macabre masterpiece. Gone was the wooden voice acting and even stiffer cutscenes, and in it’s place was a phenomenal experience oozing with dark and creepy atmosphere that led to the player feeling both nostalgic for the original, and like they were witnessing an entirely new horror adventure at the same time.

Visually, the game was extremely impressive and is arguably still one of the best looking games to this day. The pre-rendered backgrounds looked stunning and detailed in a way that wouldn’t be achieved with 3D backgrounds and the camera angles and lighting effects were up their with the best you would find in your average Hollywood blockbuster. Lingering shadows cast across the ground from swinging overhead chandeliers, the moon casting an eerie spotlight on the floor through a window . The GC’s powerful hardware allowed all of these effects to give the game a dark and nightmarish character with contributed to the game’s brilliance.

With a remaster, fans could witness their favourite moments, such as Jill almost becoming a sandwich, all in beautiful HD. With the Resident Evil franchise itself stumbling along like a animated corpse of it’s former self, this could be a much needed shot of life for Capcom’s flagship series.


Honourable Mentions:

Viewtiful Joe, Luigi’s Mansion, Metroid Prime