Joystiq: So you see this as a series?

Hopefully. You never know, but yeah, the goal … like Nintendo said this morning, it’s a new franchise, but in the end, it will depend on how the gamers will like the game. But we have the feeling that there is possibly something to be done around this theme, mainly on the fact that you are playing a guy who is on the good side of the law, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have access to a lot of possibilities, like he can stop any car as a cop, he can use the city’s network to control the city, he can send SWAT teams… so we think it’s interesting to have an open world game on the good side of the law, but he can access all the means… this will be the basis of the franchise.

Have you worked on DS titles before?

If you haven’t seen anything about this game, you better check it out, it looks pretty good. I will put this video on the long list of things i need to put up.

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