This Kickstarter might not have been on the radar for many Nintendo gamers, but this recent announcement of a lower stretch goal may change things.  Read below …

Nintendo WiiU!

I’ve been in touch with Nintendo of America and am now an approved Nintendo WiiU developer! I have been looking at the process and I am confident to say that thetechnicalities of getting Cosmochoria on the WiiU is a lot more doable than I originally thought. So much so that I am moving the WiiU stretch goal up to $25,000. I am also going to ensure that PC Gamepad support is now available at launch time… so it is now already included in the base goal! 

This is huge and it basically means if we hit $25,000 in the campaign, I am fast tracking a Nintendo WiiU version of Cosmochoria as my development priority after the fall Steam Launch.



Details of the Nintendo WiiU version will start to come in over the summer once I receive the dev kit and begin testing, but Im already confident I can come up with some cool implementations for the WiiU Gamepad controller. Potentially stuff like easy to access action items (planting, bases, etc) but also perhaps more involved activities so planting a seed isn’t just ‘holding the plant button down’. :) 

Big things on the horizon! If you know someone who has a WiiU or who might be interested in playing Cosmochoria, spread the word – the sooner we get to $25,000 the sooner we can lock down that WiiU support. :D

If you’d like to learn more about this love letter to old-school action / arcade games like AsteroidsMario Bros. and Donkey Kong” visit the Kickstarter.