BROOKLYN, NY – CTA Digital ( has introduced a new accessory for the Nintendo® Wii™, the Multi Function Aerobic Step. The Multi Function Aerobic Step elevates the Wii Fit™ Balance Board to three different height levels; a 3 inch platform, a standard 4 inch aerobic step platform, as well as a high 6 inch platform. The elevation of the platform can easily be adjusted by laying it horizontally or vertically based on the desired height. There are rubber pegs on the bottom and the sides of the platform to ensure safety and stability.

The Multi Function Aerobic Step platform securely snaps together for different positions and can be used with or without the Balance Board. The additional height provides users with a gym quality workout for step aerobic exercises. It provides the right amount of balance and support needed for a healthy aerobic routine, and is especially useful for workouts of basic step, advanced step and free steps.

A number of Wii Fit games require varied height steps for their aerobic programs. This Multi Function Step will enable users to switch between a comfortable 3 inches height to 6 inches for more rigorous trainings. It is available at Amazon ( and many other retail outlets, including retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy.