Cube Life: Island Survival is the first block building open-world survival game for the Wii U

Taking a cue from Minecraft, Cube Life: Island Survival is looking to satisfy gamer’s longing for the critically acclaimed title on Wii U.  With two distinct modes, nearly 200 crafting items, day and night cycles, lots of enemies, and more, the game seems to be checking off the Minecraft staples.

Cube Life Island Survival - Survival Mode

Cypronia has also called out the developer of UCraft …

Anyway, we will not disappoint the Nintendo community like the UCraft developers did. Every decision we make and every new feature we plan to include, we will consult with Nintendo directly to avoid a big mess and empty promises to our players. We know how to provide updates, we know the Wii U and the eShop limits, and we know what is possible to do. UCraft developers prefer to blame Nintendo for its policies, but we think this is more about their inexperience rather than Nintendo’s policies. Nintendo has created great hardware and has provided perfect support for their developers and we will not make similar mistakes.

The game has an expected Q2 release, for both America and Europe.  Are you excited to see Minecraft type games heading toward Nintendo systems?  What do you think of Cypronia’s announcement?  Leave a comment if you like, and share your thoughts.

Cube Life Island Survivor - Creative Mode