Cubed³’s Adam Riley: First of all, why make a sequel to Tales of Symphonia on Wii, rather than create a brand new ‘Tales of’ storyline?

Teruaki Konishi-san, Producer: The original Tales of Symphonia was very well received both by our domestic fans and fans overseas. We feel that the wonderful characters (both in terms of design and personality) and the enchanting world that the game took place in are two of the major reasons for the critical acclaim.

For Dawn of the New World, we aimed to create a game that is set in the same world as Symphonia, so our fans can find out what happened to their favourite characters since the previous title. At the same time, we felt bringing a brand new Tales adventure to the Wii would be the best way to show our appreciation to our fans.

AR: How has the in-game world changed since Symphonia on the GameCube? Will there be many surprises for fans of the original?

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