IGN has the scoop on Cursed Mountain, an exclusive Wii game.

According to Deep Silver, “As he ascends the mountain, he encounters an ancient curse: the souls of the people who died in that region are stuck in limbo, caught in the Shadow World.” Players must content with villagers, pilgrims, mountaineers, Buddhist monks, and evil ghosts and demons as they unravel the mystery of the location. And for what? The climber isn’t at all convinced that his missing brother is still alive.

“With a fresh setting, gloomy atmosphere and the innovative use of the Wii controls, Cursed Mountain will deliver a unique, terrifying game play experience,” said Hannes Seifert, Managing Director at the Deep Silver development studio.

According to Deep Silver, Cursed Mountain will boast advanced graphics and amazing scenery. Since the game is set on the “roof of the world,” players will be able to see the entire game world from any level. In addition, the title will feature IR / pointer and gesture-based controls for exploration and combat respectively.

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