D2C GamesTM, Inc. a premier developer and publisher of mass-market downloadable interactive entertainment, today revealed a new batch of screenshots from its upcoming WiiWareTM title, SPOGS RacingTM.

In addition, the company has decided to clear up a question that numerous gamers have raised since the game’s announcement: What, exactly, is a SPOG?!

First, to dispel the rumors, here are several examples of what ‘SPOGS’ does not stand for:

  • Schizophrenic Psychotics Owning Guns and Shooting: The Game (a delightful World War II romp)
  • Some People Often Golf Sloshed: The Game (this one already came out – it’s called golf)
  • Spelunking Pays Off Great . . . Sometimes: The Game (a spiritual successor to Pitfall)

In reality, SPOGS stands for ‘Sports Player Object Gyros.’ This name was deliberately chosen because there is – scientifically – no other way to describe the unique characters in the high-speed arcade racer. There is no relation to British candy. Please do not attempt to eat SPOGS Racing.