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Nintendo has been hauled before the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after 17 TV viewers claimed that an advert for the firm’s Wii console was “violent, offensive and disturbing”.

The controversy was sparked by a Wii commercial that showed people of various ages playing different computer games and performing actions such as boxing, bowling, playing golf, bursting balloons, fishing and shooting.

However, when the player waved the controller his on-screen character slashed his opponent several times. As he struck a final blow with the controller, the on-screen opponent fell to the floor clutching his head.

Seven complainants found the “depiction of violence in the ad offensive and disturbing”. One viewer stated that it was reminiscent of recent videos released by hostage-takers in Iraq.

An additional four complainants believed that the ad glorified violence and the use of weapons, and could encourage children to emulate such actions.

Six complainants challenged the scheduling restrictions and said that the ad should not be shown when children were watching TV….

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Source: whatpc