There have been two occasions, so far, when Nintendo has featured prominent figures in videos staring at various fruit.  The first time I saw this was when Iwata was staring at a bunch of bananas in a video called the ‘Wii U Virtual Hands-on Experience’.  This was aired immediately after Reggie Fils-Aime’s 2012 E3 presentation and showed how the Wii U could change how the family games together.  In the video, which can be watched below, the scene cuts, at 9:06 in the video, from the family playing to Iwata holding the bananas.  The second instance of Figureheads Staring At Fruit was just recently when Bill Trinen was on video talking about Miiverse, Nintendo Network and internet browsing on the Wii U.  He can be seen holding an orange or tangerine of some sort at 14:01 in the last video seen in this post.

What does all of this fruit actually mean? The only thing I could really come up with that made sense was maybe Fruit Ninja.  Could Fruit Ninja actually be coming to the Wii U or 3DS?  But then I started thinking of anything it could possibly be and then I remembered something interesting.  Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary Nintendo game designer, began teasing a new game he was working on earlier this year.  Could all this fruit be a tease for what Miyamoto is currently developing?  For now we can only speculate and continue to spot different Nintendo execs pondering fruit.

Tell us what fruity message you think Nintendo is trying to get across in the comment section below!