SouthPeak Games announces a demo of Arkedo Studio’s Big Bang Mini (shipping this week!) for Nintendo DS™ is now available as a free download via Nintendo Channel on Wii™. This unique shoot ‘em up has players blast enemies by launching fireworks displays.

The demo of Big Bang Mini includes levels from three of the game’s worlds – Hong Kong, Aurora and Luxor – giving players a glimpse of this massive action title. The full retail version will has 9 uniquely themed worlds, over 90 challenging levels of play, epic boss battles, and 7 modes that will do everything from literally waking them up to giving them hours of endless challenges.

Arkedo created an amazing title that gives everyone a taste of beautiful fireworks action. It may start off simple, but it quickly evolves into one of the most compelling and challenging shooters on DS.

The process to download the Big Bang Mini demo is simple: First make sure you are opted in on your Wii to send data to Nintendo, then select the demo from the Big Bang Mini info page on Nintendo Channel, and the Wii will instruct you to turn on your DS and select “Download Play” from the system menu.

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