A US researcher wants to find out if all the claims about Wii Fit are correct and it can help a families fitness.

“Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, and one of the reasons is the adults and children are getting less physical activity,” Owens says in a statement. “There has been an upswing in sales of whole body movement video games over the past few years. This potentially could help family fitness, so we are looking at the research aspect to see if family fitness improves after purchasing one of these whole body movement game consoles.”

This research is going to be done over a sixth month time.  It is broken into two parts. The first is three months with the system in the home, and the second is 3 months with the system out of the home. I am curious what this study will bring. I guess we have to wait at-least sixth months to find out. Anyone want to make any guesses?