GLENVIEW, Ill. – April 2, 2009 – Publisher Detn8 Games Ltd. and developer Awesome Play Ltd. announce the upcoming release of Speed Zone™, a graphically-stunning, futuristic racing game for the Wii™ home video game system.

Set for North American release in late May, 2009, Speed Zone breaks new ground for graphics on Wii with game play to match. Furiously fast and silky smooth, the game runs at a bar-raising 60 frames per second. Stunning terrains are set on colorful planets, floating asteroids, and space stations. Speed Zone features three core game modes – Solo, Race, and Battle – each with multiple goals and a progressive, level-unlock structure.

Multiplayer options in Race and Battle modes break new ground as well, allowing for up to eight players (split screen) using four Wii Remotes™ and any combination of four Nunchuks™, Classic Controllers, Nintendo GameCube™ controllers, or Logitech® Speed Force Wireless™ force feedback racing wheels. Speed Zone is the first Wii game to support up to four of the Speed Force Wireless wheels.

A 3D, three-sided pyramid menu provides access to the game’s 30 levels. The pyramid menu displays 10 Solo tracks, 10 Race tracks, and 10 Battle arenas. Initially, only the lowest-tier levels are unlocked. Players need to achieve a number of goals to unlock level links to the more challenging levels above on the pyramid menu.

In Solo mode, players try to ignite jet thrusters with boost pads to accelerate “into the zone,” with phantom cars and racing lines to help set lap records. When a player beats the targeted Zone-Time, the next level unlocks. Players can find secret pickups and shortcuts and earn bonus rewards by setting new best times. Bonus rewards can be used to buy new cars, skins, aerodynamic aides, and performance upgrades, which give the player the opportunity to go even faster when revisiting levels.

In Race mode, players compete against seven computer-controlled AI cars. Players unlock the next level by finishing in the top three (or better, depending on the difficulty level).

Battle Mode is an all-out, futuristic demolition derby, using some spectacular weapons. Players can fry opponents with a lighting gun or shatter them with an overactive chain-gun complete with flying shells – not to mention a plethora of other weapons, including rockets, missiles, lasers, and mines. Defensive pick-ups include shock-jumps, shields, and a stealth cloak.