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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is now official. Square Enix officially confirmed the game for Wii U today.

Director’s Cut is an exclusive to Wii U, Square Enix says. It’ll make use of the GamePad in a variety of different ways “including touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, grenade throwbacks and many other neural hub enhancements.” There is also “in-depth Miiverse integration” planned as well as “access to developer commentaries and in-game guides.”

Director’s Cut will also feature “overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved AI, and striking visual improvements”. Human Revolution’s full Missing Link chapter has “been integrated seamlessly into the narrative flow of the Director’s Cut.”

Square Enix has not provided a release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut. A first look will be shown at PAX East this week.