Destructoid: What were the reasons behind the decision to make MLB 2K8 FAS exclusively for the DS?

Deep Fried Entertainment: When we first started talking with Take 2 about a baseball game on the DS we emphasized our opinion that a simulation focused sports game would not be as successful as a sports game that focused on a “fun first” mentality. We feel that the gameplay in our games should not suffer the limitations of realism. When you look at the most successful titles on the DS they tend to be titles that have experimented with new ways of engaging the user, rather than titles that rely solely on the strength of a license or established form of gameplay. For MLB Fantasy All Stars we knew that we needed to make use of the stylus and touchpad to implement pitching and batting in a new way that would evoke the curiosity of the average DS player. We believe that DS owners are more interested in these new mechanics than just seeing the latest port of their favorite brand from other consoles. We were fortunate enough to be given the freedom to experiment and take our ideas as far as we wanted not only by our publisher but also by the MLB association and MLBPA.

Dtoid: The game looks to be an arcade baseball title — replete with wacky power-ups, stadiums that are really “out there”, and a very distinctive art style. Can you comment on that?

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