Lisa_Mason – 2:00pm EST: I’m genuinely curious: Why do people seem to damn pissed that Lego Rock Band exists? Does it sully Rock Band proper or something?

Lisa_Mason – 3:00pm EST: To summarize the @ replies angry about Lego RB: it’s for “kids that won’t appreciate it,” I don’t want to look like a Lego, and song list
– Lisa Mason – Producer, Destineer Studios

LaLaLaLaLemon – 1:00pm EST: LEGO Rock Band? I’m SO there!
– Meghan Rodberg – Senior Manager of Online Community Relations, Turbine

Weezul – 1:00pm EST: Lego Rock Band? I don’t get it
– Jon – Online Marketing Manager, Electronic Arts

ChrisA9 – 12:00pm EST: Every time a game franchise is milked and the audience blindly accepts it a piece of me dies inside. At this rate I should be dead by Fall.
– Christian Arca – Lead Designer, Agora Games