I have to say I really enjoyed this article. Good job to the person who wrote this.

In a year where Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Little Big Planet, and other high quality, highly anticipated games were to be released, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl was once mentioned as an equal. A worthy candidate for Game of the Year.

Though the game was released on different dates over the course of the year in the various regions of the world, when we add the numbers sold from each respective first day of sales together the game sold around 2 million copies on its first day alone. More than any of the games mentioned above. It has since gone on to sell over 7 million copies in little over a half a year.

Truthfully speaking, in most respects, Brawl is everything it is supposed to be. A significant upgrade over Super Smash Bros Melee when it comes to graphics, content, characters, balance, accessibility, and downright fun. However, the game has a flaw so large that it would now be laughable to mention it as a serious game of the year contender.

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