Announced during Disney’s E3 press conference, Dgamer will be featured in Disney’s upcoming DS titles, beginning with Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Dgamer allows gamers to customize online avatars, chat wirelessly, and track each other’s progress in Dgamer enabled games. Many of Dgamer’s features are similar to those of Xbox Live, including stat tracking across multiple games. Also, items used to customize your avatar can be unlocked in Dgamer enable titles — for example, you might unlock a new outfit by playing Prince Caspian. Dgamer doesn’t stop at the DS though, it will also be accessible via the Dgamer channel on Here, members will be access all the features of Dgamer and even utilize cross-platform with DS users (all of this still requires that friend codes be exchanged by the way). A Disney branded, kid-centered social network with the added draw of Pokémon-like “gotta catch ’em all” qualities? We can hear it now: “Mom, buy me the new Hannah Montana guitar game so I can unlock a new dress!” Downright dastardly if you ask us.