Taken from an IGN.com post:

It happened on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and now it’s going to be happening on the Wii. Famitsu.com revealed recently that Bandai Namco’s Mojipittan will feature paid downloadable content that expands the game with new stages and items. Specifics on pricing were not revealed by the site.

Mojipittan is a word-based puzzle game that has met great success on the PS2, PSP and DS, with over 900,000 copies sold. The game is scheduled to launch with the Japanese Wii Ware service in March of 2008.

Despite the downloadable content, Bandai Namco doesn’t seem to be skimping out on the game proper. The title will feature over 200 stages, all new, along with a dictionary of 120,000 words. The dictionary in the DS version, in comparison, had just 100,000 words.

Multiplayer play is being planned for the title, with a two player versus mode that’s playable with a single Wii remote. This mode will feature 30 stages, although we expect this number to be increasable if you cough up the extra yen.