Last June Ronimo Games released their first commercial game: Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare. And fun was had by all!

Now that the dust has settled, it turns out people really enjoyed their time with Swords & Soldiers! Metacritic was kind enough to calculate how much fun people had. Their conclusion was that people had about 84 funs with the game! And that’s just some numbers. Numbers by critics. We’ve also seen lots of words. Words by gamers. And most of those were very positive as well!

But we didn’t make Swords & Soldiers completely by ourselves. We had help from the handsome guys at Sonic Picnic, who composed a great soundtrack and created a lot of neat sound effects. They even agreed to have us come over to their studio and record our voices. So the next time you’re submerged deep into the happy cacophony that is the Swords & Soldiers audio, think of those nice guys at Sonic Picnic.

And now they’ve decided to make extended versions of the songs in that great soundtrack commercially available. And to celebrate, we’re giving away one original song for free! You can find all the details right here:

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