New Class: Traveling Performer
– balanced defense and offense
– acrobatic skill
– increase this skill to learn special techniques (for example, make an enemy laugh
– some equipment of the Traveling Performer: Serpent Whip, Feathered Cap, Dancer’s Shirt, Gaudy Pants, Acrobat Shoes

Possible new class: Bodybuilder

New Monsters: Zucchinya and Tiger Lance
New Monsters: Zucchinya and Tiger Lance
New Monsters: Moomon, Ponpoko Tanuki and Argon Devil
– Zucchinya: vegetable monster that is good with a spear
– Tiger Lance: uses a lance, and can cast spells such as Rukani
– Moomon: skin like a cow
– Ponpoko Tanuki: known as a “dance hero”, uses dance steps to ‘attack’
– Argon Devil: very fast, slender body allows it to attack quickly. Sharp claws

New NPC: Winged angel Laviel

– works in Luida’s bar
– allows you to connect to multiplayer features
– one player hosts, others play as guests
– 4 characters allowed
– some treasure chests can only be opened by the host

Multiplayer battles
– if you fight separately, you can call for guests to help
– guests will be transported to host if host calls for help
– guest can decline
– if you run up to characters in battle, you can help them
– multiplayer detailed records kept
– record examples”
1. Class, Name
2. Time played
3. ‘information couldn’t be translated’
4. Number of battles won.
5. Number of titles received
6. Number of quests cleared
7. Percentage of monsters faced and defeated
8. Percentage of items acquired
9. Percentage of recipes
– use gestures with frineds
– gestures are hidden throughout the game world