According to the PR email I received. Dragon Quest Wars will be heading for DSiware next week. Check after the jump for details about the game.

In Dragon Quest Wars, players control a team of up to four monsters at a time. That team is selected from a larger group of six monsters so players will need to choose and plan their strategies carefully before each battle as each monster has a unique feature and ability! A player can win a battle either when all enemy units are defeated or if one of their units crosses into an enemy’s base.

Monster squads can be assembled from the following six recruits–er, monsters below. Players will need to learn their strengths and weaknesses in order to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

Slime: A mighty monster with a well balanced skill set. Slime can cast the magical “Frizz” in addition to a normal physical attack.


· Attack

o Deals 1 point of physical damage.

· Frizz

o Deals 1 point of spell damage.

· Defend

o Reduces physical damage by 1 point.

Golem: A powerful monster with lots hit points who can use “Body Slam” which deals huge damage to an opponent . He can also save allies with a sacrificing move.


· Body Slam

o Deals 2 points of physical damage, but the user loses 1 HP.

· Selflessness

o Shields an ally from an incoming attack by moving to their square.

· Defend

o Reduces physical damage by 1 point.

Hammerhood: Can use a wide-range attack which is able to damage multiple targets at once. Also has the ability to self-heal.


· Party Pooper

o Deals physical damage across three squares.

· Counter

o Blocks an enemy’s attack and deals 1 damage.

· Meditation

o Heals 1 HP before the beginning of the following round.

Healslime: Weak and unable to attack, but features a slew of helpful spells to heal and support his team.


· Heal

o Restores 1 HP to the caster or an adjacent monster.

· Kabuff

o Reduces damage dealt by physical attacks by 1 for the caster and monsters in adjacent squares. Only effective once per round.

· Kafizzle

o Seals any Frizz, Sizz, Crack, or Heal spells within three squares of the caster.

Chimaera: A good defensive monster, he can block physical attacks and spells as well as deal damage from a distance with “Sizz.”


· Sizz

o Deals spell damage in one direction over two squares.

· Bounce

o Throws the effects of Frizz, Sizz, Crack, or Heal back at the enemy.

· Dodge

o Prevents damage from a physical attack.

Dracky: Has a superior range of movement and is very useful for reaching enemy goal zones. He can also attack diagonally with the spell “Crack.”


· Shove

o Deals 1 point of physical damage, and knocks the target back one square.

· Crack

o Deals spell damage to a square diagonal from the caster.

· Oomph

o Increases the damage dealt by any physical attack except Shove.

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