Torrance, Calif. (PRWEB) January 9, 2009 — dreamGEAR®, an industry-leader in video game accessories, introduces the Quad Dock series, a first of its kind compact controller and battery pack charger compatible with the Nintendo Wii™, Playstation® 3, or Xbox® 360. Setting a new standard for chargers by powering up to four controllers or battery packs simultaneously, the design of the Quad Docks ensure that regardless of which system you play or how many controllers you have, you never have to worry about having an uncharged battery or controller.

As the most functional controller and battery pack chargers on the market, the Quad Dock units feature four charging wells, custom LED charging indicators that signal when the controllers are dead, charging, or fully charged, and a narrow design that allows the dock to be tucked neatly away into small spaces.

The PS3 Quad Dock Pro has the capability to charge up to four Dual Shock 3 controllers at once, while the Xbox 360 Quad Dock Pro charges up to four Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs. This eliminates the need for additional cords to power up controllers through the Xbox 360 system. The Quad Dock Plus model for Wii brings life back to up to four Wii remotes and includes a bonus dock for four rechargeable AA batteries, which can be used to power the popular Nintendo Wii™ Fit Board.

“dreamGEAR realized there is a need for a more convenient and manageable way to charge and store multiple controllers,” said dreamGEAR COO Richard Weston. “As any gamer will tell you, storing a system, four controllers and a charger beneath a television can make for a crowded entertainment center, and the Quad Dock series was designed with this in mind to relieve this problem for fans of any console system.”

Each model in the Quad Dock series charges via any standard wall outlet using the included AC adapter. This compatibility along with the series’ space-saving qualities makes the Quad Dock the most practical controller chargers on the market. Each model in the series was developed to inconspicuously match the aesthetic of the gaming system it works with through corresponding materials and color scheme.

The dreamGEAR Quad Dock ($29.99-$39.99) will be available January 2009. For more information, visit www.dreamGEAR.net.