I just got my ds lite 2 days ago and I am very excited! It’s screens are so bright, and the colors are absolutely awsomn! Both screens have equal lighting not like on the regular ds where the top screen was brighter. Everytime I look at the images produced on the ds lite, it seems to look like vivid sharp colored laminated plastic. When I took it out of the box i noticed that it was a little smaller than i had expected it to be! The buttons feel smooth and very easy to use especially with mario kart.


I have 4 problems with the ds lite, they are that the gba slot is much smaller, the gba cover is un eaven masking the un eavenness on the ds lite, also the volume seems to be lower, and when the clear plastic meets with the white plastic on the sides of the machine I am scared that some food or dirt might get into the crease. Otherwise, i am completely content with my ds lite.
Lastly since i got my ds lite, i am waiting for my M3 perfect and flash card 2 to come from, they were very easy to deal with and largely informative. im excited for next week!