Dave Delisle of DavesGeekyIdeas.com has created an awesome concept that resembles past Nintendo peripherals that allow handheld games to be played on television through home consoles.  Dave’s concept is not too far off since products similar to Mr. Delisle’s have actually been used by Nintendo in the past.  The Super Game Boy was a cartridge for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom that accepted Game Boy cartridges.  This allowed gamers to play Game Boy games right on their television screen.  The same idea was reiterated in the GameCube console where, rather than a cartridge, a peripheral called the Game Boy Player acted like a base and a GameCube console was placed on top of the Game Cube Player.  The cartridges for either a Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance were then inserted into the Game Boy Player to be played through the GameCube on the television.

DS U Dave Delisle

Now Dave has designed the peripheral concept shown here for the Wii U which would allow gamers to enjoy DS or 3DS games via the Wii U.  This concept would work incredibly well with the Wii U since the dual screen experience is shared by both Nintendo’s handheld and console.  Additionally with the availability of 3D televisions on the market the 3DS titles could feasibly be played in their original 3D form.  Below are the images for Dave Delisle’s concept, appropriately named the DS U and more information about the concept he created can be found at DavesGeekyIdeas.com.  Until Nintendo decides that this is a worth the development resources, we will drool over these images and imagine the possibilities!  Let us know in the comment section below if you would buy a DS U if they ever made it to market.  Do you see a need for Nintendo to develop such a device for the Wii U?  Would this encourage you to buy either a DS, 3DS, or Wii U?

DS U Dave Delisle2