i find animal crossing to be very addicting, it is very simple and lite. when i bought the game, i played for hours on end, until i payed my whole house off and made my town look like the land of any players dreams. i started to play less and less, my town started to look like crap. then for 2 months i did’nt touch the game, finding it a chore to always water my plants. then i started to not care, until my town looked like the ruins of ancient egypt. it stayed that way for one more month. i then bought my m3. i started to play again, but something was missing. banner_p1.gif
something very vital to the gameplay that i was lacking was not there. i found that to be online play. so i logged into www.ds-play.com and started to chat with the members. i started to allow them into my town. finding out that i was able to help noobs with my new found hacking abilities. since then i think my love for animal crossing grows even further, i think ill be playing it again for a long time. thanks to dsplay i can enjoy my online game once more! i request that if you havent registered at dsplay then u do so NOW!!!!