Famitsu recently ran a poll on the most played systems over the holidays and the hottest product.  Here are the results:

What system did you play the most over the holiday season?

Wii – 244 votes
DS – 185 votes

PS2 – 148 votes
Xbox 360 – 146 votes
PSP – 115 votes
(PS3 wasn’t in the top 5)

This poll was given to Japanese retailers:

What was the hottest product over the holiday season?

DS Lite – 46 votes.
Wii – 28 votes
DS software (as a whole) – 9 votes
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker – 8 votes

Yakuza 2 for the PS2 – 5 votes
(PS3 wasn’t in the top 5)

Everything’s coming up Nintendo lately.  Keep it up Ninty!

Source: Gonintendo