The other day X-seed was kind enough to let me into their little world to show me what they have coming for us Nintendo fans.  They showed me tree games, Little King Story for Wiiware, Ju-on for the Wii, and Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii. These are my impressions of each of these games.

Little King Story

Little King Story was a game that did not seem interesting to me. It’s a game that looks to be childish and kid friendly, but I was surprised to found out that the game had received a Teen ratting. The developer wanted to make clear that Little King Story has sexual and mature undertones to it.

Little kind story is similar to Pikmin, in the way that you go around collecting people to follow you as the king. Some of the people that are collectable are, Soldiers, Farmers, and Children, just to name the few I saw. Soldiers are simple to explain, they fight and destroy things. Farmers grow and repair things, and children can be grown to be anything a farmer or a soldier. While they are children they are only good for climbing tress. Don’t think that you can throw a soldier at a bridge and hope he will fix it. Heck he is a soldier all he knows how to do is destroy it, so throw a farmer and he will not what to do.

In this group that you collect,  by the end of the game you can have 30 minion (sorry “people”) following you at one time. These group members will start sharing bonds with each other. At times the group can disband and go back to their daily lives. At night two of the towns people could be found holding hands on a date. You can take these two; force them to get married by throwing them into a church. When they come out they will be married and have a kid right when they walk out. Just like real life.

Game Released July 24th on Wiiware


I love scary movies things, movie, books, and people’s scary faces. The last game to scare the mess out of me was Resident Evil 4 when I was sitting by myself in the dark and a saw man comes up behind you.

Ju-on may remind some of a Silent hill game. You walk around very, very slowly with only a flashlight to guide you. The controls are fairly simple, all you use the Wii-mote, point at which direction you want to move, hold down the B button to move towards where you want to go, let go of the B button to stop.

Besides that crazy girl with the weird looking face coming grabbing you, the only other thing you have to worry about is you battery life. The only way you will die is if you run out of batteries.  Batteries will be able to be collected through out the levels, the future you go in the game, the less batteries you will find. Each battery is said to last 5-7 minutes.

Probably the most interesting part of Ju-on is the two-player play. Only one person can play through the game, but if you feel like messing with you friend,  just pick up the other Wii-mote. With the other Wii-mote you can push things over make noises that will just freak out the other player.

I was looking forward to this game, but if you looking for an high action scary flash light game that is longer then 10 hours (yes it Ju-on is only 10 hours long) then I would wait for the next installment of Silent hill on the Wii, which is awesome by the way.

Ju-on is set for release in American October 2009

Arc Rise Fantasia

Arc Rise Fantasia is said to be the first turn bases RPG game for the Wii. I didn’t get to see too much of this game, but what I saw was fantastic!!  The story is pretty simple, and like a lot of RPG’s with dragons in it. The dragon, once simple creatures, has turned against the human race. In the beginning you find yourself fighting a dragon for you life. After you slay you foe, you fall down to the earth and the dragon dies. As the dragon dies you find out that each time that a dragon dies, it body pollutes the earth this pollution is slowing destroying the planet.

The only thing different about this RPG that stood out to me was the ability to share action points. You can move your whole parties action point to one player to take advantage of their attacks.

Arc Rise Fantasia is planned for release January of February of 2010