July 12, 2007 – The launch of Twilight Princess with the Wii was a first for Nintendo, which has never delivered a Zelda game so early in the life cycle of a new console. So does that mean fans may not be treated to another Zelda project, this time developed exclusively for Wii? Well, at the very least, it looks like it’s going to be awhile, Speaking with IGN Wii, Twilight Princess director Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto collectively indicated that while some ideas are being tossed around for a new Wii Zelda project, nothing is very far along, or set in stone.Asked if Twilight Princess would be Wii’s last Zelda, Aonuma said, “I can’t say, but I guess for now, maybe, yeah [laughs]. Not to say that it’s going to be the final game. There’s still a lot of potential with the Wii so there’s still a possibility that there could be another Zelda for it. We do have some ideas in the works, but I can’t say for sure because none of them have been approved and we’re still very much in the planning process, so I hope you look forward to whatever comes out.”

While Twilight Princess performed under expectations in Japan, the newly released DS title, Phantom Hourglass, is selling very well, and Nintendo is taking notice of gamers’ reactions. “The Phantom Hourglass has been released in Japan and reception has been very, very positive,” said Aonuma. “We’ve actually been able to receive feedback from the users and we’ll definitely take all of those comments into consideration when creating the next Zelda, whether it be for Wii or DS.”

Shigeru Miyamoto elaborated on the likelihood of another Wii Zelda. “It’s really hard to say because we’ve never had a Zelda that’s appeared so early in the life cycle of the system, so it’s definitely possible that there would be another Zelda on Wii,” he said. “Of course, the challenge is that typically a Zelda game is something that takes three years to develop, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Thanks Kevin for the heads up.