Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (STCE) is a Metroid-vania style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican-inspired world. The game draws its inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore.
Guacamelee! STCE builds upon the classic open-world Metroid-vania style of games, by adding a strong melee combat component, a new dimension switching mechanic, and cooperative same-screen multiplayer for the entire story.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Story: An expanded version of the game that also includes DLC content from the original
  • New Game Areas: Players will ride boats through the Canal de las Flores to save a besieged fishing town, and avoid lava as they climb through the volcanic Pico de Gallo
  • New Boss: Face off against El Trio de la Muerte, a three-headed skeleton that lives in the Volcano, helping the evil Carlos Calaca build his skeleton armies
  • New Abilities: Maximize destruction with the powerful new INTENSO combat mode and dish out scrambled pain with Chicken Bombs. Plus: new Independent Dimension Swapping for co-op players
  • New Enemies: Lethal new elite-class enemies that want to chokeslam luchadores to sleep
  • Support for multiple save slots
  • Dual currency system that supports permanent item unlocks
  • Track your progress through the world on the Wii U GamePad’s onscreen map

Key art