Once again here are the Tweets from the second Nintendo roundtable were they announced a new 3DS IP Codename S.T.E.A.M.

*Some Tweets are from Nintendo of America.

Kit Ellis is on stage to start things off. It’s a new IP. Watching trailer.

The Age of Steam in London. Showing all gameplay. Could be a new RPG

Lots of airships and showing a captain. Looks to be a main character. Captain Fleming. Airships crashing.

The fighters in  run on steam. Fighters have boilers and they have to pull from a limited amount of steam to perform attacks.

The game is structured as a campaign and divided into missions. Each mission has several maps. 

As you play through the game, the boilers, weapons and characters available to you will increase. 

Monsters, one called the Devastator. Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Is the title.

Hitoshi Yamagami on stage. Worked on Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Fossil Fighters

All steampunk style in Code Name STEAM. Turn based with action attributes.

It has strategy elements. Intelligent Systems is developing.

Turn based, strategy game with elements of third person action shooters.

Showing gameplay now. Third person shooter perspective. Free range movement.

There are turns where you move your units like in advance wars and fire emblem. It’s more dynamic and not quite as grid based

The steampunk style and graphics look great

It’s full polygonal, 3D graphics, not a top down traditional strategy game. It’s like steampunk gears of war :)

The steampunk style is integrated heavily in the gameplay. Your warriors run on steam. Attacks run on steam  

They’re showing a new level now. With 4 playable characters. Long range weapons as well. Different classes.

Character designs are based on silver age American comics. Very vivid colors and cool designs

She just mentioned Bruce Timm as an inspiration. I’m a big fan as well. He did Batman TAS, Justice League, tons of DC animation

The levels are very vertical as well. Verticality adds to the strategy.

The lead artist is talking about the enemies now. Enemies all share the element of ice so they’re heavily blue and purple

has over watch attacks which are attacks that can be done during the enemy’s turn.

Over watch attacks happen in sequence. Called stacked over watch attacks. Can have high power enemies stun then another attack

Characters have special attacks as well. Animated intros and stronger effects

The visual style is actually reminiscent of Viewtiful Joe. Pseudo cel shaded with comic book text bubbles and animations.

There is one difficulty throughout. Medals can be found to upgrade weapons and the medals can help less experienced gamers advance

And experienced gamers can purchase more powerful weapons with the medals

Each character has a main weapon but you can also equip a second “sub-weapon” for each character.

Each character also has a “Special Ability” that can be used once per map. No two are the same.

Main demonstration is over now. On to question and answer

Q: Why is Lincoln leading these heroes in London?

A: In the middle of the 19th century, Britain was the major power so that’s where the aliens focus

Q: Was the shooter aspect intentional on Nintendo’s part to add more shooters?

A: Not really, it was just an easy decision to add shooter elements since they’re easily accessible

Q: Who is doing the music?

A: The same musician from the last advance wars games. It has a metal vibe to it to for with the steampunk machinery.

A cont.: Music is dynamic to the situation. If aliens spot you or are close, it will change to make you aware.

Q: Is there permadeath like in Fire Emblem?

A: No permadeath. You can revive your teammates with medals and no permadeath is there to help you enjoy the game

Q: Is there online play?

A: Yes, but not revealing much right now

Q: Is there a large cast of characters?

A: There are a lot but nothing specific to announce right now.

Q: Since the game is coming in 2015, will there be integration?

A: We will think about it

Q: Was this game influenced by Valkyria Chronicles?

A: No, it was more designed from a shooter perspective where Valkyria Chronicles is more of a 3D Fire Emblem. So more of a coincidence

Is why we haven’t received a new Advance Wars?

A: We are always thinking of new Advance Wars and Fire Emblem games but nothing to announce now

Q: What does S.T.E.A.M. stand for?

A: Strike Team Eliminating Alien Menace

Q: Where is Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei?

A: “on schedule” but nothing to announce at this time

That’s it for Q&A. Showing another trailer now. Cool cinematic comic book like game. And that’s the show!