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Nintendo Smash Brothers Roundtable

Sakurai is on stage now, showing a new trailer

PAC-man is confirmed for ! Crowd loves it

PAC-man will take the form from Pacland and will transform into the pizza shaped retro PAC-man for some attacks

They are now playing a match with PAC-man, Mario, sonic, and mega man for the first time

They are playing the stage that transitions through various areas in New Super Mario Bros. U

Sakurai won as PAC-man

Sakurai is talking about the custom moves. There are 12 special moves now instead of just 4.

Characters can equip various items that change attack, defense and speed.

Mii characters: brawler, sword fighter, and gunner each have 12 different special moves

Mii fighters also have costumes they can wear that can change their appearance quite a bit

Mii fighters are also on the Nintendo 3DS version. All fighters are in each version. Some stages are unique to each

Playing Smash Run on 3DS will allow you to acquire items and special upgrades for your characters that can move to the Wii U

Figure players (FP) can remember how other characters fight so it’ll counter shields with throws

Figure players can level up to level 50, even higher than level 9 computer players

Sakurai is playing Smash Run on the 3DS now. Showing that items can upgrade various aspects of your character

Enemies in Smash Run are from Mario games, Pokemon, kid Icarus and more

The bottom screen shows which stats are being upgraded and a map as well. There’s a 5 min limit in Smash Run

After Smash Run, it shows the stats that your character and the other 3 have acquired. Then there’s a final battle.

Q&A time: Why are the 3DS and Wii U versions coming out separately?

A: debug time. The game’s are very large and takes several hundred staff to debug and each game are distinct enough to take a lot of time 

Q: Will Nintendo do more tournaments?

A: doesn’t really have any comment. Different people coordinate that.

Q: How does the 3DS to Wii U transfer work?

A: just wait around til the 3DS version is out since they’ll have more details then

Q: How are they balancing the game?

A: Sakurai worked closely on N64 Smash through Melee and Brawl was more of a committee of 4 people. A became more unbalanced.

A cont.: This new will have 12 people ensuring balance as much as possible. There will also always be luck as well

A cont.: Emphasis is on making a fun party game. That’s why there is a ‘for glory’ and ‘for fun’ option in the new

Q: How do you make menus easy to use?

A: Make things as big as possible and as easy to understand as possible.

Q: When was Greninja added to the roster?

A: All characters were decided at the beginning of development. Even that Pokemon slot for Greninja. Well before X/Y came out.

Q: How are you ensuring will have better online than Brawl?

A: He had a long answer but basically said to have as good a connection as you can.

That’s all for Q&A. Showed a quick recap of the tournament. Saying he loved it. Zero Suit Samus won the match

That’s it!