I know, for at least one of the days of E3, I will be carrying around my 3DS to see just how many Streetpass notifications I actually get.

On June 8th, Nintendo 3DS gamers will gather together for a StreetPass event to celebrates E3 2011!

Attendees will not only more than likely complete every single level in Find Mii and complete every puzzle panel, but they will have the opportunity to walk away with E3 swag, video games, and some really cool items we can’t mention here. We will be joined by the Psychotaku crew, JewWario, and other folks you may recognize!

Start pu…tting together a killer roster in your copy of Street Fighter IV 3DS. Begin recording the fastest times possible in Ridge Racer. Make sure your pets are clean in Nintendogs + Cats. Hell, bring Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS, and every other multiplayer game you can. Oh, and you better bring your Pokemon!

Nintendo 3DS owners, this is an event you simply can’t afford to miss! Hope to see you there!


Full details here