Portion of IGN interview with EA:

IGN: What sort of differences to the gameplay can we expect on the Wii? What about the DS version?

Scott Blackwood: Expect the same revolutionary, intuitive, and fun gameplay, but this time applied to the strengths of the Wii and DS systems. It’s all about bringing that authentic Skate feeling to the Wii remote and stylus, or and for the full on immersive types, the Wii Balance Board.

IGN: On a technical level, is the Wii game created from the ground up or is it using an existing Skate engine? Will it be supporting 480p and widescreen on the Wii?

Scott Blackwood: In order to retain the same great feel and physical accuracy of Skate, the team began by taking the core of the Skate engine and migrating it to the Wii. Most importantly; however, we’ve been able to bring our physics based skating, animation, camera, and award winning audio engines over to the Wii (Hall of Meat anyone?). Built around that foundation is all-new technology specific to the Wii – not the least of which is an intuitive way of controlling your skater built around the Wii Remote. And yes, we are supporting 480p and Widescreen.

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