GameTap: This is the first year we’re going to see NCAA on the Wii. What’s going to differentiate the Wii version?

Kendall Boyd: The Wii’s been really exciting. Not to go too much into marketing, but we’re doing a mascot promotion that’s basically been the most successful Web promotion we’ve ever done at EA Sports. We’ve had about a half-million unique visitors to the site and we wanted to give the fan the opportunity to vote for which mascot they would like to see on the cover. It’s totally fan driven. If you go to Facebook, Michigan State put up a dedicated Wii mascot page for this and they have like 3,000 members. Every day they’re hitting it and voting. You go to message boards for Nebraska and you see people asking for fans to vote. That’s always been the key to us, to go in and celebrate what’s great about college football. To engage the consumers and the fans–and that’s what this promotion is all about.

In terms of the actual game, we want to address the Wii audience. It’s going to be a much more accessible experience. Family play will be in there–the first time NCAA has had family play. If you’re a hardcore player, you’re still going to be able to play a great game of NCAA Football, but if you’re playing against your son or your parents and you want to be able to have a good experience, you can go in and set the different difficulty levels. The other thing is, we want it to be a quicker and more accessible experience. We’ve eliminated a lot of the slowdown of getting in and out of the instant replays and such. It’s very quick and very fun and has that Nintendo feel to it but still true to the sport.

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