A number of veterans of Electronic Arts Canada have announced the formation of a new development studio named Jet Black Games, which will focus on developing original and licensed intellectual properties for the Nintendo DS and Wii.

The new studio will be based in Vancouver, with employees having experience in five different Need for Speed titles, five different FIFA Soccer games and three separate James Bond titles. Initial games will use the studio’s propriety Jet Black Engine.

The studio has also strategically aligned itself with business management firm Flashman Studios, which specializes in representing developers, intellectual properties and game services companies in the video games industry. Although no specific titles have yet been announced, the alliance with Flashman Studios implies that many of the initial titles will use already established intellectual properties.

“With the launch of our new studio we’ve brought together all the key elements to develop top games: proven experience and talent, the desire to push the creative envelope, commitment to making games we ourselves want to play, and all the resources and support systems needed to perform,” states Roger Freddi, co-founder and CEO of Jet Black.

“Both the Nintendo DS and Wii’s Wi-Fi capabilities provide an advanced medium for Jet Black to bring already popular franchises to an even broader worldwide audience.” Freddi adds, “These recognized licensed properties serve to ensure that Jet Black is a name to affiliate with Nintendo games, and nicely complement the original IP on which we’re working.”

Source: Gamasutra