Cover Story: Retro Revivals

Bionic Commando
Sonic Unleashed
Street Fighter 4
Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff for Wii/DS
Alone in the Dark
Tetris Wii
Alien Crush Wii
Bomberman Wii
1942: Joint Strike
Commando 3
Space Invaders Extreme
Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Next Month Cover Story: Gears of War 2
Next Month Previews: Banjo Kazooie 3, Infamous, Project Origin
Next Month Reviews: MGS4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Wii Fit, Final Fantasy Tactics A2


– Third Person Halo Prequel for Holiday 2009
– Bioshock PS3 in September with all DLC and better visuals, Bioshock 2 shown around same time
– Max Payne 3, Red Dead Revolver 2, LA Noire for 360 as well, GTA MMO
– Persona 4 in North America before the end of 2008, Persona PSP and PS3 in the works
– Rock Band 2 with new modes
– New Castlevania for DS, Wii, and a 3D 360/PS3 game
– MGS4 PS3 bundle will be VERY limited. If you haven’t pre-ordered by June you might be screwed


Mario Kart Wii – B+, C+, C
Good: A few great new tracks and powerups
Bad: Dumbed-down gameplay, predictable design

Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy – A, A-, B-
Good: Rich level/object editor
Bad: That’s pretty much if after beating the campaign

Castle of Shikigami III – C+, C+, B-
Good: It’s a shoot-em-up on Wii
Bad: It’s too short and too tough

UEFA Euro 2008 – B+, B+, A
Good: Through passes finally work, online integration
Bad: Goalkeepers are unnaturally good

NBA Ballers: Chosen One – D+, D, C
Good: Chuck D live in studio, brings the noise
Bad: The lame “into the crowd and back” pass

Grand Theft Auto IV – A+, A+, A
Good: World, relationships, story
Bad: Some missions canned, control takes getting used to
PS3 or 360 version: 360 for DLC, PS3 version looks slightly more vibrant and sharp

Viking: Battle for Asgard – D+, C-, C+
Good: Epic, bloody battles
Bad: Repetitive fetch quests, no replay value

Persona 3: FES – A, A, A
Good: Plenty of new content, $30 price
Bad: Some questionable soundtrack choices

Myst – C-, D, D
Good: Some of the new tools help
Bad: though most of them are useless

Super Dodgeball Brawlers – C+, C, C+
Good: A content-rich remake, new special moves
Bad: Short on bells and whistles, outdated presentation