IGN, in their Dewy’s Adventure Interview, posed a question to the creator of both Elebits and this new title Dewy’s Adventure about the possibility of Elebits 2. Here’s what he had to say:

IGN Wii: Will we ever see Elebits 2?

Mukaitoge: Do you want me to make it? [laughs] I will do my best. Right now, we are working hard on Dewy’s Adventure, but once we finish we will think about it.

Not exactly confirmation, but it’s definitely a start if they’re considering it. I love all these original games that are coming to the Wii. Systems in the past may have had an abundance, but the Wii is getting developers to think outside the box. Good news for us Nintendo fans :)

Source: IGN Wii (pg. 2 of the interview)