Capture Gun: This is Kai’s primary device in the game and he’s virtually powerless without it. The capture gun is the main tool for finding Elebits and moving items Kai encounters in each world. Kai can shake hidden Elebits from trees and from under rocks by the gamer tapping the stylus pen on these features and moving them. Once the Elebits are revealed, tapping each Elebit with the stylus pen will stun them with the capture gun allowing Kai to send his buddy Zero out to pick them up. Additionally the capture gun will move elevators and open doors in the game. The capture gun is an invaluable tool in the search for a way back home.

Trace Laser: The trace laser power up will reveal itself at different places in some of the worlds. Typically it is hidden in trees and needs to be shaken free. When Kai has the trace laser power up the gamer can slide the stylus around the lower DS screen to stun Elebits, no longer requiring them to tap each individual Elebit with the stylus. This allows for quicker Elebit selection within the time limit allowing for greater capture combos.

Wide Lock Laser: The wide lock laser is another capture gun upgrade that allows gamers the ability to stun a large number of Elebits quickly. From one single capture gun burst any group of Elebits within a reasonable range of fire will become stunned. This allows for quicker Elebit selection within the time limit allowing for greater capture combos.

Fever Laser x2 and x3: The fever laser x2 and the fever laser x3 are crucial upgrades later in the Elebits adventure. These capture gun upgrades will increase the total number of watts or Elebits the gamer has collected either by 2 or by 3. Since Kai uses his captured Elebits to open doors, move elevators and moving bridges the more Elebits he has on hand the easier it’ll be to complete each task.

Guard Boost: The guard boost actually increases the power of the capture gun. These upgrades don’t appear often so gamers should keep their eyes open. The guard boost upgrades can be added onto each other making Kai a powerful force when it comes to later boss battles.

The Pink Elebit: The pink Elebits are what produce the guard boost upgrades in Kai and Zero’s adventure. By capturing 3 pink Elebits in each world a guard boost upgrade or strength increment will appear somewhere in that world. Once all three pink Elebits are found in a world an icon will appear in the upper DS screen letting the gamer know to keep their eyes open for a guard boost upgrade. Also, pink Elebits will appear in the status menu letting the gamer know how many they have left to find.