ELSPA director general Paul Jackson had to say about the Byron review:

– The report failed to resolve the confusion over the two ratings systems

– The BBFC is not equipped to handle the flurry of new titles it must classify

– The proposals aren’t ‘future-proof’ enough where games sold over the web and through downloads are concerned

– It should not be down to the industry alone to stump up the cash for a consumer education campaign

He also goes on to talk about a solution to the problem:

“What we think will protect children the best is one age rating across games that are on the shelf and titles that are sold over the internet – and I include digital downloads and online gaming in that,” said Jackson.

“The way the proposals currently stand, there will be a BBFC standard on packaged goods – the number of which will presumably get smaller as gaming goes more online – and there will be the PEGI standard online when you’re downloading. We think it will be clearer if there was one standard.”

What do you think of the one age rating?