Classic Adventure Game on the Horizon for Nintendo DSTM

AUSTIN, Texas – March 31, 2008 – Empire Interactive, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced that development for MYST is complete. Just in time for summer vacation, MYST allows players to take their eerie adventures on the road, in the sky, to the beach or wherever their travels may lead. The game takes full advantage of the DS’ touch-screen technology, seamlessly incorporating new tools for a greater challenge.

Developed by Hoplite Research, LLC, MYST packs in every bit of the original game’s engaging and mysterious adventuring goodness – more than 40 hours of gameplay – and adds to it. The experience has been enhanced and recreated for Nintendo DSTM, including an all-new interface, a new set of mini-tools, re-mastered soundtrack and video, and the Rime Age, a new world not included in the original MYST.

“Nintendo DS has provided us an amazing, yet challenging opportunity to bring the MYST franchise to a huge and diverse audience – more than 65 million units have sold since the system’s launch in 2004,” said Karim Farghaly, vice president of sales, Empire Interactive. “MYST has been around over a decade, and it is an absolute pleasure to reintroduce the game to long-time fans and first-time adventure seekers.”

“MYST is one of the greatest interactive casual games ever created and we are proud to work closely with the creators of the original to bring this experience to all Nintendo DS players of all ages.” said Manny Granillo, president and chief designer, Hoplite Research, LLC.

Uniting adventure gamers new and old, MYST DS is expected to ship to North American retail stores on May 13, 2008 with an ESRB rating of “E” for “Everyone.”

MYST is an engaging experience that draws adventure-seekers into beautiful yet eerie worlds with unique settings in varied times and places. While venturing through the six worlds of MYST, players find themselves playing a key role in an ever unfolding story or family intrigue and betrayal – by solving a multitude of puzzles, mazes, and problems. Close observation and precise logic will help players unlock the secrets of MYST. The non-linear gameplay of MYST is designed unlike any other adventure game, with no instructions, inventory, death or dialogue. MYST is about the experience encountered throughout the breathtaking worlds and environments.