Video/DVD: £2,196m
Music: £1,839m
Games: £1,345m

Total: £5,380m

Video/DVD: £2,122m
Music: £1,651m
Games: £1,361m

Total: £5,134m

Video/DVD: £2,164m
Games: £1,719m
Music: £1,417m

Total: £5,300m

“Games have overtaken music massively this year – music revenues are down on last year’s figures and gameERA director general Kim Bayley sales are huge in comparison now In unit terms music is still important, but in value terms a lot less so. Games prices hold up a lot better against music and DVD – it won’t be long until games revenue overtakes DVD. In years to come, games and DVD will vie to become the biggest market. That battle will depend on what products are out and how retailers react.” –