Who Plays:

* 68% of Americans play computer or video games
* The average game player age is 35 (again, how is this defined?)
* 25% of game players are under 18
* 25% of game players are over 50
* 60% are male, 40% female
* on average, adult gamers have been playing for 12 years
* 42% of U.S. homes have a game console

Who Buys:

* Average age of most frequent purchaser is 39
* 52% of purchasers are male, 48% female
* 92% of time a parent is present during purchase
* 83% of time kids receive parental permission before purchasing
* 43% of Americans have purchased or plan to buy one or more games in 2009


* 94% of parents report monitoring their kids’ games “always or sometimes”
* 77% of parents believe parental control features in consoles are useful (although the more relevant number might be how many parents are aware of such controls and use them)
* 79% of parents impose time limits on gaming (that’s a higher percentage than TV viewing, movie viewing and Internet usage)
* 78% of parents game with kids because it’s a good opportunity to socialize with their child
* 63% of parents game in order to monitor content


* 57% of games sold in 2008 were rated E or E10+
* 16% were rated M (17 and older)
* Among Top 20 best-selling console games of 2008, 6 were rated M (GTA IV 360, GTA IV PS3, CoD WaW, GoW2, CoD4 MW, Fable II)
* Among Top 20 best-selling PC games of 2008, 5 were rated M (Age of Conan, CoD4 MW, Fallout 3, CoD WaW, Crysis)
* 37% of Americans play on wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs