Provides Parents with More Detailed Information on Game Content Just in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season

Are you considering buying a video game this holiday season for your child? The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which assigns age and content ratings for computer and video games, announced the availability of “rating summaries,” a new, supplementary source of information about game content parents can use when considering which games to purchase for their children. Rating summaries are also accessible from a new mobile website at, which allows consumers when shopping for games to search game titles on their mobile devices right at the point of purchase

The new rating summaries will be accessible when searching for rating information via the ESRB website at, its rating search widget, a new e-newsletter called ParenTools, and the new mobile website at The new rating summaries are brief, objective descriptions of the content and surrounding context that factored into a video game’s rating assignment. Starting now the ESRB will provide rating summaries for all video games rated since July 1, 2008.

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NEWS: ESRB Introduces New Rating Summaries for Video Games

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* Patricia Vance, President, Entertainment Software Rating Board
* Dr. David Walsh, President & Founder, National Institute on Media and
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* Liz Thompson, Mother of Four Children

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