“I came aboard one month before the first of the small shows. The Santa Monica event was really my first exposure to the industry in a broader way – I had never been to any of the prior E3s. Last year we made some improvements based upon the input we received, but this show is not a return to the old E3. It is definitely much more reflective of the energy, excitement and creativity of our industry, but I wouldn’t say it’s our first ‘big E3′ or a return to the old one. It’s a show based upon what the industry needs to project as an image of the excitement we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year. It’s the right show; it’s not a particular reference to any prior year. We’re quite pleased to have the numbers reflective of the energy and excitement of the industry; over 200 companies are coming and we’re expecting a ballpark of 40,000 attendees. It’s going to be a lot more high energy and that’s precisely what the industry needs right now.” – Entertainment Software Association (ESA) boss Michael Gallagher

It may not be like the old, but it is a step in the right direction and a lot better then last years.