When I’m working at the table or playing games for a long period of time, I’m always uncomfortable. The hard wooden chair that I sit on is not ideal for my needs and it was literally a pain in my back. But all that has changed because I now own one of the most comfortable gaming chairs that I’ve ever sat in, and I’m not just saying that.

I was contacted by E-WIN about reviewing one of their gaming chairs a couple of weeks ago and I graciously accepted. My package from E-WIN was the biggest thing I’ve ever received through the mail. It arrived on my doorstep pretty quickly after my order was placed, less than a week. Everything was padded for good measure and surprisingly nothing was damaged in this huge package. The assembly wasn’t hard at all and if you’re not good at those types of things it comes with detailed instructions.  Hopefully when my house is all together and organized I can show you a picture of me in my awesome gaming chair. But for now I put together a little slideshow so you could see some of the smaller details up close and personal. 

They let me pick any chair that I wanted from the website, along with the color. I chose a chair from their Champion series and decided on red, because red is awesome. I could have chose blue, white, orange or even pink. Each model comes in a few colors and they really do look like they were ripped right out of a race car, which is pretty freakin’ cool. The little wheels on the bottom even have hub caps to match whatever color you choose. The chair itself is made with a sturdy metal frame, memory foam and high quality leather (which I’ve had to guard constantly from my crazy cat). Overall I’d say it’s worth having an E-WIN Racing Chair just for how cool they look, but that’s not even the main appeal of this cloud-like chariot.

Not only will you be sitting in style, but as I mentioned before this really is a comfy gaming chair. I feel support everywhere I need it and I actually want to go sit at the table for once. It’s an even better alternative for long gaming sessions because it’s adjustable in so many ways. The first day I got it I said “I could take a nap in this thing, if only it had a foot rest”. That’s my only complaint so far and that’s just because I’m lazy and want to live in my new chair.You can recline to where you are almost laying flat on your back, you can also adjust the height of the chair. The armrests can be adjusted in many ways from height, to angle, to width from your body. It also comes with removable cushions for even more support. When your 5’11 like me it’s really nice to be able to adjust things. Most chairs are made for people of average height and weight so I feel like Little Goldilocks right now, because this chair is “juuusst right”. Speaking of that, E-WIN also has some wider chairs available on their website for people who need a little extra room while they’re gaming. So regardless of your shape or size, they have something for everyone.

As you can see, I don’t really have anything bad to say about my new gaming chair. The only thing that might turn some people off is the price. The chair I ordered comes in at right around $350. However, EwinRacing.com is constantly having sales on their website. For example the mid-year sale is going on right now, so this chair has been discounted to $289. You can also get an extra %10 off by entering PureN at checkout, and as an added bonus they even offer free shipping! Which is surprising considering how big the package was and how quickly it was delivered. 

Remember that the important thing when finding yourself a chair for live streaming and long game sessions is comfort and support. So if you’re going to invest your money into a quality chair that you’ll actually want to sit in, you might as well invest in one that looks good too! Head over to EwinRacing.com and checkout the mid-year sale now!

Thanks for reading everyone!