Las Vegas, Nevada – CES 2009 South Hall – Booth 25321 – ezGear, a leading marketer of state of the art audio, video and gaming products and Inspired Instruments, an California based music and gaming technology company, announces the introduction of the world’s most advanced video game and music controller, the You Rock Guitar. The You Rock Guitar includes breakthrough technology that bridges the gap between video gaming and music; like no tuning, multi-touch game play and real string articulation to name a few.

First of its kind
The You Rock Guitar is like no other. The You Rock Guitar’s functionality works with more gaming and music devices than any consumer electronic device to date. 1) The You Rock Guitar can interface to Video Game systems such as the Wii™ and is capable of working with the top video games (Guitar Hero and RockBand). 2) The You Rock Guitar can work with music programs on Macintosh™ like Garage Band and any Windows™ PCs music program supporting MIDI. 3) Jam along with your favorite song on your iPod, iPhone, or any MP3 Player, or 4) rock out with a real guitar amp or mixer. And you can do all that with the on-board sounds or those from any MIDI sound source.

Multi-touch fretboard – Look Mom, No strings
The You Rock Guitar has a FULL fret board like a guitar, and feels just like it, but unlike a conventional guitar, there are no fretboard strings. The You Rock’s g-stik technology includes the patent pending multi-touch fretboard and is the ONLY Music controller that can be used successfully on both video games and real music. Raised bars on the fretboard give the user the feeling of playing the guitar with strings but unlike a real guitar, the You Rock Guitar never requires tuning…ever.

Built-in Sounds & MIDI & USB
The You Rock Guitar provides a robust library of built in sounds; acoustic, electric, rock, jazz, blues, bass guitars plus ethnic, strings, rockin’ leads, synthesizer solos & comps that are truly unique and have sound characteristics unique to just the You Rock Guitar. You will have a great time plugging it in and playing anywhere, anytime.

Connecting to the You Rock Guitar is easy. There is the obligatory ¼” guitar plug, but the You Rock Guitar doesn’t stop there, it also includes a mini stereo plug for iPod and MP3 players. If you really want to expand the sounds, use the MIDI or USB outputs and plug into your MIDI device or computer and use any sound in the world. Plug your Wiimote into the back of the You Rock Guitar and load up Guitar Hero or Rockband and start jamming, but with a full fret board and notes and wait till you pick across six strings instead of an old toggle switch. Now lets get rockin’!

In addition to the You Rock Guitar, a Software Developer Kit (SDK) will allow a new generation of music game developers or those with existing computer and gaming applications to develop and market their games, sounds and programs.

According to Kevin Kent, CEO of Inspired Instruments, Inc. “The bridge between video games and real music performance has been elusive and somewhat of a holy grail for the millions of Guitar Hero and Rockband players who want to step out of the box and onto a real stage. The integration of all of this technology makes the You Rock Guitar the most advanced game and music controller in history. In today’s market, value is essential, and we deliver on that promise in a way that could make the You Rock Guitar both the video game and music product of the year.”

Charlie Bernstein, President of ezGear, LLC states “Its almost not fair to call the device a Guitar. The You Rock Guitar does so much more than any guitar or game controller has ever done. Over and over customers have asked us when they might be able to play more realistic Video Guitar games. With g-stik technology and the You Rock Guitar, they can.”

Pricing and Availability
The Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price of the You Rock Guitar is $149.99 with a street price in the Low 100s. The You Rock Guitar will be available in Q2-Q3 of 2009. The SDK will be available with development units in Spring of 2009.