One of the writers from and his family all went and got Tattoos on different parts of their bodies to symbolize solidarity after the passing of their mother.

Last week, I was finally tricked into going (the tattoo parlor’s sign was replaced by one proclaiming “Free Hamburgers!”) and just seven hours later it was finished. We all got different parts of the Triforce filled in (Dad got the whole enchilada) and all on different spots. I got mine on my calf, because I thought it would be easy to cover up. One brother, Griffin, got the forearm, because he wants to have the sort of job where that’s acceptable, and my dad, Clint, got his right arm, largely because he already had a tattoo on his left. My remaining brother got one on his chest, which is apparently extra painful. I know this, not just because the tattoo dude Eric told us so, but because Travis spent the entire session periodically mumbling “Oh, this is very unpleasant.” Also, he now has a square of hair shaved off of his chest.

Our condolences go out to the family.

Source: Kotoku