KH Re:Coded

– Re:Coded is being developed to allow more fans to experience the game
– the DS was selected as most people have the hardware, and due to lack of analog
– The story will be the same as Coded, but aside from event scenes, the game will see many major changes
– targeting more casual gamers
– adjustable difficulty
– design concept: Coded+358Days+BbS
– battle planning being supervised by Birth by Sleep co-director
– same team will be handling the map design
– level-up system is an expansion of the one found in 358/2 Days
– multiplayer elements feature avatars from BbS, and Lightning from FFXIII
– secret movie included
– Currently 80% complete


– brand-new game
– next stage of the franchise after Coded/358/BbS.
– Sora and Riku will be the playable characters in the game
– the pair will be visiting new worlds
– multiple hints in Re:Coded relating to 3DS
– expect more info at next year’s E3