Mario Kart Wii – April 10th, 2008 (Japan)
* Bikes in cup mode
* Bikes have special actions like “wheelie”
* 16 remakes and new courses
* Wi-fi 12 players
* Play as Miis

Mario Kart courses.

“Mushroom Cup”
Luigi Circuit
Moo Moo Country
Mushroom Canyon
Toad Factory

“Flower Cup”
Mario Circuit – Figure-8 with underpass
Coconuts Mall
DK Snowboard Cross
Wario Mines

“Shell Cup”
GC Peach Beach
DS Yoshi Falls
SFC Ghost Swamp 2
64 Mario Circuit

“Banana Cup”
64 Sherbert Land
GBA Hey Ho Beach
DS Monty Town
GC Waluigi Stadium

– online league and a global world ranking
– local rankings
– channel for online aspect
– send and receive time attack scores online, online ranking for time attack as well
– upload/download Ghosts

Thanks to the guys over at Gonintnedo for this next interesting Info. If looks like there is a GC controller A icon on the screen. Could this mean Gamcube support for the next Mario Kart?



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